Loving Life with JJ Cole Bundleme for Fall

I was provided a FREE JJ Cole Bundleme set in exchange for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I can’t believe Landon is already 14 weeks old, it feels like just yesterday I was heading to the hospital to have my 4th baby.  Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!  This past few months has been quite the adjustment to having a 6 year old, 5 year old, 3 year old and a newborn but we’ve been adjusting well. I’m constantly on the go during the day between school drop offs, running errands and cleaning the house I just love to get out to get some fresh air.  One of the things we’ve been doing as a family recently is going for walks every single evening around our neighborhood and to our local park to let the kids run around and play!  Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids smile and having fun!


Now that it’s Fall the days are getting cooler and the evenings are getting colder and I’m absolutely loving it.  After dinner we get all bundled up in our boots and jackets and get ready to head out.  One of the newest things we’ve been using is the JJ Cole Bundleme with Bundleme hats, booties and mittens for Landon and it’s made a huge difference.  I always worry about Landon being to cold on our walks so this was the perfect solution.  We set our GB Lyfe Stroller up and slip in the Bundleme into the stroller and pull the safety straps through the slots.  Setup is super easy.  One it’s all set up Landon is ready to be set in the stroller, buckled up, and zipped up to ensure he stays nice and warm on our nightly walks.  Along with the Bundleme we use the Bundleme hat, booties and mittens to make sure he’s extra warm and he’s all smiles when we put all his gear on.  It’s seriously the cutest ever!

Wondering what makes the JJ Cole Urban Bundle me so great?  Well it protects your little one from the wind and rain with it’s unique quilted outer nylon and the inner thermaplus adds an amazing amount of warmth.  It’s perfect for our nightly walks in Southern California.

Features to love:

• Use with car seats, strollers, and joggers
• Wind and water resistant
• Machine washable
• Removable top for easy temperature control
• My 15 week old LOVES it


So as the days and evenings continue to get colder and you’re going to be out and about with your little ones, look into the JJ Cole Urban Bundleme you’re going to fall in love as fast as we did!

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