My Little Pony Soap

One thing we love making in our home is soap.  It’s fun for the kids to decide what they’re going to put in the soaps every time.  I feel the cuter the soap the more interested my little ones are in washing their hands while in the bathroom.  I strive to make my kids wash their hands after playing outside, eating and of course after using the restroom.  Our newest soap we made is My Little Pony Soap and it turned out so cute!

My Little Pony Soap

My Little Pony Soap

Supplies Needed:

My little pony figurines
Square soap mold
Clear glycerin soap block
Glass measuring cup
Therapeutic grade essential oil of choice (I love lavender)
Stir stick
Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle

My Little Pony Soap

1. Cut your block soap into ice cube size pieces
2. Fill your measuring cup up to the 1 cup line with your soap cubes
3. Microwave your glass jar of soap at 50% power for about 2 minutes, stirring every 20 seconds until melted
4. Spray your soap mold and figurine with your rubbing alcohol
5. Place a small amount of your mouth and soap in the bottom of your soap mold
6. No place your figurine in to the soap, positioning it however you’d like
7. Fill the rest of the way up with your melted soap
8. Spray again with rubbing alcohol and set in the freezer for about 30 minutes
9. When your soap is hardened, stretch the sides of the mold and push up on the bottom to remove your soaps.

My Little Pony Soap supplies






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