Outdoor Home Makeover

A little over two years my husband and I decided to sell our home and move to a much bigger home for our growing family.  When we moved we were a family of 5 and now we’re a family of 6.  Boy oh boy am I glad we moved into such an amazing home to make our forever home.  While searching for the most perfect house we found an amazing neighborhood and decided on a home that was fresh on the market and was original 1970’s everything.  We wanted original because this way we can make it our dream home project by project and we were starting from a clean slate!

The progress we have made on the inside is amazing and you should definitely check out some of the project we’ve done.  Keep reading to find out what we used to make this Outdoor Home Makeover a dream come true.

Outdoor Home Makeover

Once we purchased the home and moved in we decided we would start working on the inside of the home to make it a dream for our family and deal with the outside later.  The inside of the home looks gorgeous with dark bamboo flooring, new stair railings, a brand new open concept kitchen, new windows, brand new mantle and lots more!  Now that the inside projects are coming to a close end it was time to focus our time on the outside of our home.

Overall our home was in good shape it had a brand new roof and we replaced all the windows right when we moved in.  The siding was still in good shape considering it’s been there for 40 plus years but the horrible yellow color just had to go.  Want to know something odd?  When we first looked at the home I loved the two sets of windows in the front of the home for the added light, but when we went inside we noticed only one set of windows… the previous owner dry-walled the windows in from the inside.  Now that is something I’ve never seen before.  The windows were in bad shape from heat and humidity and had a weird bubbling tint going on so I wanted to cover those with the home makeover.

First thing was first and the crew we hired removed all the siding from the home to get it ready for new siding.  We went to our local Ganahl Lumber and picked out a textured Hardie Plank for our siding (it’s made out of cement so it’s going to withstand all types of weather and wear), but it has the wood grain texture that I have fallen in love with.   When I came home and saw all the siding was removed it was a huge difference and I was kind of loving the pin stripe effect for the few days it lasted! 

The next step was adding new siding all over the home where there was pre-existing siding or exposed stucco.  The rough stucco was a big thing in the 1970’s but it just wasn’t working for us anymore so we covered it all.  You can see from the previous photo and this one we covered up the window and than we covered up the faux doors above our front entry doors.  After all the siding was done it was time for trim and paint!

We went from a horrible yellow paint color to a gorgeous farmhouse grey color with ultra white trim and it made it look like an entirely brand new home!  Between the new siding, the new color and painting the rocks to blend in with the home it looks amazing.  The color we chose to paint our home was Dunn Edwards Miner’s Dust for the grey and Dunn Edwards Ultra White for the Trim.  The door and rail were painting in black!

Outdoor Home Makeover

The after result turned out even more amazing than I could of even imagined!  It’s literally a brand new home on the inside and outside!  Now I get to drive up and think wow! My home is gorgeous!! In the very near future we plan to remove that dated rock and add a gorgeous gray/white tone stacked tone to really make the home pop.

Front Entry

Once the paint and siding was done I wanted to add a little extra pieces to the entry way to make it more welcoming!  I added a black urn planter, a gorgeous fern plant and the most beautiful mailbox I’ve ever seen!

Fern Plant found here
Black Urn Planter found here
Fleur De Lis Wallmount Mailbox all black series found here
Decorative Outdoor Mat found here

Outdoor Home Makeover

Do you love my home makeover?  Thanks so much for reading along this was such a fun project to share with you guys! If you loved this project you should see my Kitchen Makeover!

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