Patriotic Straw Centerpiece

Get your space ready for the 4th of July when you give this patriotic straw centerpiece a try! When you craft this patriotic straw centerpiece, you will see how easy it can be to turn a handful of straws into a functional centerpiece perfect for your holiday gatherings. Here is how you can make your own in just minutes!

Patriotic Straw Centerpiece

Patriotic Straw Centerpiece

What you need:
Red and Blue paper straws (Purchase here)
Hot glue, glue gun
Ribbon or twine in choice of red, white, or blue
Small, glass jar

1. Begin by cutting your straws down to size. To do this, measure the height of your jar and cut the straws to a similar measurement. Scissors should do the trick.
2. Add some glue along the rim of the jar and press one straw at a time into place. Hold the straw to the glue until secure.
3. Repeat this step until the straws go all of the way around the jar. Don’t worry if they are a little loose as the ribbon or twine will help secure them.
4. Tie a length of ribbon or twine around the jar and tie it tightly. Finish it with a bow.



Your patriotic straw centerpiece can now be filled with flowers, a candle, pin wheels, or silverware as shown. As you can see, it adds a patriotic pop of color that will make any gathering feel like a special one. Gather your supplies and give one a try!

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