Purging Day 1 – Shoes


Today is day #1 for our 31 day purging adventure.  I told you this was going to be quick and easy tasks done daily to help reduce the clutter, get rid of the items no longer needed and maybe even make a little money.  In my closet I have way to many pairs of shoes and let’s be honest I leave near the beach and wear flip flops 85% of the time.  I’ve had shoes thrown on the top of my closet shelf for the past 5 years without wearing them once so it’s time to reduce and move on.  Can’t wait to see how you do with your shoe purging and be sure to follow along on Instagram with hashtag #31daypurgewithA2S4U.

To get started I gathered all of my shoes including sandals, flip flops, heels, wedges and running shoes and threw them in the middle of my bedroom floor.  I set up 3 boxes in my room and labeled them Keep, Sale and Trash and went through each pair one by one making quick decisions.  Be sure to ask yourself a few questions to get rid of the clutter.

Have you worn them in the last year?

Are they in good shape?



If you answered no to either of these questions it’s time to toss them in the Sale or Trash pile and move on to the next pair.  After I sorted through all my shoes I was left with 10 pairs of my favorite shoes I wear throughout the year and I placed them in clear shoe boxes and stored back on the top shelf.  To easily find shoes I labeled my shoe boxes with my Epson Labelworks Label Maker. Now my shoes are organized, will stay clean and are easy to find at a moments notice.  How many pairs of shoes did you get rid of this evening?



If you’re loving the clear shoe boxes with hot pink lids I’m using you’ll want to hurry down to Target because they’re on clearance for just $5.01 for a 5 pack!  Great deal.

I’m so glad you followed along and be sure to share your photos on facebook, twitter and instagram using hashtag #31daypurgewithA2S4U.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s fun day of purging another area of the home.

Purging Day 2 will be posted tomorrow at 9:00 AM PST, stay tuned!

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