Purging Day 3 – Intimates Drawer


Welcome to day 3 of our 31 day purging challenge. So far we have tackled our shoe collection and the medicine cabinets and today we’re going to tackle the intimates drawer. It’s always a great idea to go through this drawers every few months and get rid of items that don’t fit, are torn, or socks that are missing the other pair.  This is definitely going to be a quick an easy task, just dump everything out, sort through really quick and put back in drawer.




I took everything out of my drawer and laid out on my bed to make sorting through easily.  I got rid of bras that no longer fit and socks that were missing their other half and placed everything back in the drawer.  My drawer is still filled but it feels good to rid out the old or no longer needed.  I will be moving from my nightstand drawer to a bigger drawer this weekend though for a more organized space.

I’m so glad you followed along and be sure to share your photos on facebook, twitter and instagram using hashtag #31daypurgewithA2S4U.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s fun day of purging another area of the home.

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