Purging Day 7 – Bath Toys

Welcome to day 7 of our 31 day purging challenge.  You have made it through the first week, so congrats and thanks for sticking around.  Today we are going to focus on a quick task of organizing and it has to do with the kids bath toys.  If you don’t have kids this would be a good time to go through your tub/shower and get rid of any bottles, body washes, razors, wash cloths and more that you’re not using anymore.  If the bath toys are old or show any sign of tear or mold toss them in the trash immediately.  Only keep the toys your kids realistically play with and get rid of the rest.  There is nothing worse than having to remove all those toys every time someone wants to take a bath or shower.

 photo DSC_1133_zpsae20cd46.jpg

If you’re going to keep the items try to put them away in an organized manner and enjoy all the free space you’ll be getting.  I’m so glad you followed along and be sure to share your photos on facebook, twitter and instagram using hashtag #31daypurgewithA2S4U.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s fun day of purging another area of the home.

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