Quinny Buzz Xtra 15 Stroller Review

When you have a baby, one of the most important things you buy is your baby stroller. Life with a baby seems so easy in the movies, but in reality, it’s a tough job especially without all the equipment you need. For my first child, I got a hand-me-down stroller that was so hard to push that I ended up caring my daughter and pushing the stroller. It just wasn’t user-friendly. The Quinny Buzz Extra 15 Stroller, however, is worth every penny.


Here are a few of the reasons I absolutely love this stroller:

It’s Easy to Use: First and foremost, if I am going to be pushing a baby around, I want my stroller to move when I push it. With the Quinny Buzz Xtra 15 stroller, I can push my stroller through anything! Whether strolling along the sidewalk, through the park grass or trudging through a rough road, my stroller pushes smoothly through anything.


It Opens and Folds Easily: When you are a mother anticipating more children, you don’t want to be struggling with a baby, a toddler, and the stroller. What I love about the Buzz Xtra 15 stroller is that it has a unique hydraulic system that allows the stroller to open automatically with the push of a button. This means I can one-handedly get my stroller out. It, also, folds just as easy.


It’s a 3-in-1: Babies are only babies for a short while, and I love that my stroller can grow with my child. When they are newborns, they are cradled in a seat, but as they grow, I can change my stroller to a rear facing or forward facing seat. This makes my expenses on strollers a lot less, and I can accommodate my child every step of the way.


Because the stroller is made to last, I can continue to use it for each child I have. I would recommend the Quinny Buzz Xtra 15 Stroller for any parent who wants an easy to push, easy to fold, 3-in-1 option.

Buying the most perfect stroller has never been easier.  Just head over here and choose your favorite store and enjoy!


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