Save Money on Groceries in 7 places besides the grocery stores

When most people look for tips on saving money on groceries they are looking for tips and secrets to saving at the supermarket. However, if you really want to save a lot you need to think outside the box. There are many places you can save money on groceries and although it might require a little strategic planning and going places you have never ventured into before, there are plenty of other hidden gems when it comes to saving money all over!

Save money on groceries

7 Places to Save Money on Groceries (Besides the grocery store)

Directly from the source. This can come in many forms. It could mean buying produce or meat in bulk directly from the farmer or it could mean buying at the farmer’s market. Co-ops also offer great buys on some foods. Foods that are usually cheaper if bought in bulk are meat, flour/wheat and in season fruits and vegetables.

Grocery outlet stores. While these are still grocery stores of some sort, they are not typical. You will not usually find the same things every time you go there as these items are often purchased at a special price and sold to consumers with passed down savings. They are often items that have been discontinued or had a misprinted label. There is nothing wrong with them in most cases.

Restaurant supply stores. If you have any Cash N Carry stores in your area, it is well worth the trip to see them, especially if you have a large family. You can get wholesale prices on everything from candy bars to dairy to meat and even produce. You can buy wholesale size containers at even cheaper prices that you imagined.

Bakery outlet stores. This is your day old bakery outlet that you have somewhere in town. This is a great place to go for great buys on breads (often 3 for the price of one!) that you can store in your freezer for later use, but also don’t skip the other great buys there such as chips, jams and snacks.

Ethnic grocery stores. Living in a major city, you might have several of these stores hidden in neighborhoods. These are usually Latino, Asian and Indian in nature. Don’t be afraid to step inside and buy spices, exotic vegetables that are pricey in regular stores, snacks and bulk foods such as rice for amazing deals!

Dollar stores. While not everything here is a good deal, many items here are really great deals and when you see one, make sure you buy a lot if it’s something that is shelf stable. Often the best deals won’t be back, so stocking up is vital. Some other items that are great at dollar stores are snacks and beverages. Be sure to pay attention to the size of the package. They will often trick you by putting 4 servings in a box that would normally have 6 at the dollar store.

Pharmacies. Most chain pharmacies are now trying to compete with grocery stores for your business so they will have great sales on basics like milk, bread and cereal sometimes. Be sure to check the weekly ads to see if there is something at your favorite chain on a better buy before you shop.

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