Spring Cleaning – Organizing Medicines in totes

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Do you ever wonder how to store and organize all the medicines in the household? We have cold/cough medicines, stomach medicines, flu medicines, aspirins and kids medicine and the “bad” thing about being a couponer is you nomally have a lot of everything!  I normally store all of my medicines on the top shelf of my linen closet in a very unorganized manner but now we’re in Spring Cleaning mode so it’s necessary to sort, purge and organize.  I went to Target last night and purchased a few adorable red totes that were on clearance for just $2.87 to use for my organization.  

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Step #1: Pull out all items and check for expiration dates.

Step #2: Sort items by proper medicine sections (Example: children’s medicine, stomach medicines, cold medicines, etc.)

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Step #3: Place items in a organized manner into their seperate totes (I used 4 totes)

Step #4: Place totes in cabinet

Step #5: Optional – Label the shelf to go with your corresponding totes

Step #6: Enjoy your organized totes

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