Superhero Chore Chart Free Printable

Super Hero Chore Chart

Having little boys in the house it’s time to start doing chores with a fun incentive.  I have created a fabulous Super Hero Chore Chart with blank fill ins and pre filled ins for you to print out and enjoy with your little ones.  Once they reach a certain amount of stars you can rewards them with a treat, toy or more.  I go to the Dollar Tree and grab a bunch of fun treats and toys and filled them up in a bucket and every time my kids do their chores for a week straight they get to pick a prize.  Best of all they enjoy doing their chores and keep them active throughout the week.  Please make sure the chores are age appropriate for your children. Grab your free printables here: Prefilled Superhero Chart and Blank Superhero Chart.

Super hero Reward Chart Filled

Simple tasks to include: 

Make Bed

Pick up Toys

Clear Table

Wash Hands


Take out Trash

Feed Pets

Put Clothes away

Vacuum room

Brush Teeth

Say Please & Thank you

The list can seriously go on and on. Enjoy these 2 free printables and be sure to share with your friends.

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