Toddler Friendly Foods = Shaped Grilled Cheese and Octopus Hot Dogs


I have 2 very picky boys in the household and trying to get them to eat food is basically like pulling teeth.  Did you know if you take a little time and make fun foods, your child is more likely to eat and enjoy the food!  Tonight my husband and I took out the adorable wide assortment of cookie cutters we have and we made a helmet grilled cheese sandwich and a fish grilled cheese sandwich.  These sandwiches were such a hit the kids were asking for more!  Now that’s something we never hear out of their mouths.  Nothing says friendly meals like a fish grilled cheese sandwich and a octopus hot dog!  Mmm, delicious.  Grab the Wilton 2304-1050 101-Piece Cookie Cutter Set for just $16.99 Shipped with Amazon Prime!

PicMonkey Collage







If you have more of a sports lover check out the adorable Grilled Cheese helmets!

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