Top 15 Craft Supplies to buy at Dollar Tree

Top 15 Craft Supplies to buy at Dollar Tree

I am a crafter, but I’m also a budget friendly crafter who doesn’t like to spend a ton of cash on my craft supplies. Lucky for me, my local Dollar Tree is awesome for craft supplies. You can score awesome supplies for just $1.00 each meaning that your crafts and diy projects are super cheap to make! Even kids craft supplies are cheap! Check out this list below for what I think are the Top 15 Craft Supplies to buy at Dollar Tree.

Kids craft aprons – Kids aprons can sell for as much as $10 each if you buy them at other stores, but here they’re very affordable!

Washi Tape – Have an addiction to Washi tape? Feed it at Dollar Tree! They carry multiple designs that are all perfect for crafts!

Googly Eyes – The last time I bought these at Walmart, I paid almost $4.00 for the same sized package! I should have went to Dollar Tree where they’re so much cheaper!

Shells – Have you priced craft shells lately? They can be really expensive by the time you add it all up. DT carries 8.8oz bags for of course, only $1.00 each.

Foam craft balls and inserts– A lot of crafts use foam balls or inserts. Swing by your local store to get them for a steal!

Fashion Duct Tape – While it may not be the brand name, your local DT carries the fashion Duct Tape that is all the rage these days. Grab a few rolls and make yourself a cute wallet or even a purse!

Assorted beads – Different stores will have different selections, but Dollar Tree is fantastic for picking up crafting beads!

Craft Sticks and Popsicle Sticks – Don’t pay $3 or more for these. Pick them up at DT instead and you’ll save big.

Craft Pompoms – Yup! You’ll find these here too in 80 count packages for much cheaper than other stores!

Bakers Twine – Colorful bakers twine can sometimes make the craft display pop and Dollar Tree carries multiple colors in packages of three.

Chalkboard labels – If you’re looking to redo your kitchen or create your own organizing crafts, chalkboard labels are a great way to go. Don’t spend more than you need and grab them on your next shopping trip instead!

Paint Brushes – Dollar Tree has a great selection of durable sponge brushes as well as bristle brushes. I stock up on these and use them for my painting, adhesives and more.  Easy for adults and kids to use them and a pack of 3 is $1.00.  Talk about a steal.

Glitter – A lot of my DIY Projects require some amount of glitter.  Glitter at most craft stores can be ridiculously expensive but at Dollar tree you can grab a 6 pack of assorted colors for just $1.00.

Mod Podge – A staple of a lot of my projects is using some sort of adhesive.  Mod Podge is always top of my list and sells upward of $6, well the next time your shopping picked up a jar at your store.

Foam Inserts/Circles – Have you ever wanted to make a wreath?  The base of most wreaths are foam circles that you can apply nearly anything to and they make the most perfect wreaths.  Crafts stores sell these for around $9 and at your Dollar tree you can get one for a $1.00.  Also if you’re making center pieces be sure to stock up on foam inserts for the middle of vases or flower pots.

As always, remember that different Dollar Tree locations carry different items so yours may not carry every single one of these finds. If you’re looking to stock up on your craft supplies though and don’t want to spend a ton, it is certainly well worth the trip to check!

Be sure to find out my entire list of What to buy and what not to buy at your Dollar Tree.

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