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Disclosure: I received a product free of charge. I was not compensated for  this post and all opinions are my own.

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Headbands serve many purposes whether you’re looking for a cute, quick way to push your hair back, go for a run, remove your makeup or just to add an accessory to your look.  Urban Halo comfort couture are providing you with the most fashionable headbands that serve a function in your day to day life. Just imagine a headband made of buttery soft fabric, that doesn’t slip and doesn’t cause headaches, that’s the Urban Halo.  I wanted to test the theory of no headaches and no slips for you guys, so I wore my headband in the fiery feline print to the amusement park for hours of fun with my kids.  I’m so happy to report that after 6 hours in the sun, hours of rides going up and down and all around my Urban Halo headband stayed put, didn’t cause me to sweat and didn’t cause any headaches, now that’s a first.  I love that their prints are bold and bright bringing lots of fun to even the plainest outfits.  If you are going to work out and have to pick your kids’ up after school this headband is very functional and the print makes it fashionable so it doesn’t look like you just came from the gym.  The way the material is sewn makes it easy to wear this headband thin or wide with many different styles for your hair.  Their are so many amazing prints to list I can’t name them all so I’m sharing a few of them below!  Urban Halo has a few headbands on sale for just $10 right now which is a great price and you can see the full selection here.  I am so glad I was able to review the Urban Halo line because I wouldn’t of known about them otherwise.

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  1. This is amazing! I LOVE headbands, but they always slide off my head!! I find myself walking around trying not to move my head an inch, and I probably look like a zombie when I do! LOl I'll have to check these out! Thank you!

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