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I’m a busy mother of 3 little ones ranging in age from 1-5 and am always on the go.  Whether it’s a girl’s day out shopping, baseball practice, hockey games, walks to school or just to get some fresh air I always need a reliable stroller.  My daughter is 16 months old and she loves riding around in the stroller all day and I need to always be sure there is ample room for her to be comfortable.  Since we are always on the go I need a stroller that can recline, has a slide that blocks out most of the sun and rides smoothly.  Another important factor is a large under carriage to store my items such as diaper bags.  My daughter’s favorite part of a stroller is the kid friendly tray that holds snacks and water.  Shopping for a stroller to me is as equivalent as shopping for a vehicle.  It’s an item I’ll be using every day for long periods of time and it must live up to my stroller.  I have tried strollers after strollers after strollers and never found one I loved until I received the Urbini Emi Travel System.


Urbini Emi Travel System

The newest Travel System to hit the market is the Urbini Emi and it’s amazing.  Choose from 4 vibrant colors such as black, silver, red and pink which makes it suitable for boys and girls.  The Urbini Emi Travel System is a full size, luxury stroller that will cater to your children’s comforts and needs.  This system comes with all the bells and whistles of a high end stroller and it comes with an affordable price tag of $249.95 at Walmart.

Before I go into all the bells and whistles of this amazing system lets talk about assembly.  I’m not a handy person when it comes to assembly and normally I leave the stroller building to my handy husband.  Well when the delivery guy dropped off the box I couldn’t wait to rip it open and give it a try around the block with my daughter.  From the moment I ripped open the box to the final assembly of the product was a total of 10 minutes.  I carefully removed the contents from the box which included the stroller base, infant car seat, back wheels and 2 front wheels, as well as the parent and child trays.  Remove the plastic wrap and foam coverings and unlock the stroller.  Once the stroller is unlock you can pop it into standing position.  Place the stroller flat on the ground and assemble the front wheels and then proceed to assemble the back wheels.  Stand the stroller up right and attached the black parent console onto the top of the stroller and the red child friendly console into the center of the stroller.  That’s it the stroller is built and ready to go.  Depending on your child’s size you may have to adjust the harness to ensure their safety and they’re comfortable while cruising around town.  This part was also easy and can be done in minutes.

Urbini Emi Travel System3

Now that the stroller is assembled let’s talk about all the features I fell in love with.  First off I’m 5’10 and my husband is 6’1 and there are often times were finding our selves bending downward to push the stroller which can be rather uncomfortable.  The Urbini Emi stroller has an adjustable handle that can be moved upward or lowered downward to suit any height.  The highest handle level is perfect for my me as well as my husband, and the lower handle is perfect for my 5 year old son that loves to push her sister around.  The ease of adjusting the heights is done by the push of two simple buttons and can be done in literally one second.

Urbini Emi Travel System

The overall look of the stroller is sleek and luxurious.  I received the red and black and it’s gorgeous.  The stroller features an adjustable back rest so your child can sit upright or recline so your child can rest easily.  The adjustable leg rest is something to fall in love with that most strollers don’t have.  You can leave it straight out or you can fold it down to work with your child as they get bigger.  The canopy can be folded forward in 3 positions that allow you to block out just a little bit of sun or a mostly all of the sun.  Having the canopy down in the lowest position allows me to play a fun game of peek-a-boo with my daughter as well, so fun!

Urbini Emi Travel System2

When I’m on the go I’m always carrying a diaper bag, purse, snacks, juice, wallet, cell phone and everything else that’s needed.  Having ample room underneath is always necessary and the Urbini Emi stroller is providing plenty of room and more.  The convenient zipper compartment is a great way to secretly conceal your purse and cell phone without leaving it out in the open.  The parent console provides 2 cup holders and a tray perfect for snacks or car keys.  The child console is similar to the parent console and can hold a Sippy cup, bottle, snacks and more at an easy reach for your child.

Urbini Emi Travel System1

The front wheels can be locked in a straight position or can be unlocked for a swivel maneuver making it easy to stroll around the town.  The back wheels come equipped with a braking system that will put your mind at ease when you need to lock in place.  This stroller is a dream come true and I’m overly impressed.  I really can’t say enough great things about this stroller and it’s definitely in the luxury category.

Urbini Emi Travel System5

Since my daughter is 16 months old already we don’t have her in an infant car seat but we did try out this car seat with her and she fit perfectly.  The Infant car seat is super lightweight and ideal for babies from 4-35 lbs and up to 32” long.  The Urbini Sonti Car seat attaches to the top of the stroller for easy traveling between car and your destination.  I always loved the ease of infant car seats and was sad when we decided to take Madison out of hers.  The car seat comes with LATCH equipped ensuring its impact protection for the safety of your child.

The Urbini Emi Travel System can be purchased at your local Walmart or online at Walmart.com for just $249.95 which is an amazing price.  I definitely am recommending this to all of my friends and family members that are welcoming new babies into the world.

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  1. Having my 2nd infant as well as can't decide whether to by a light-weight or a traveling system. My husband desires a lightweight so is less complicated on both, but the are very cost.

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