Washi Tape Organization

Washi tape is the NEW biggest rage in the crafting world.  Washi Tape is thin, decorative tape that can be used to decorate anything  give it a little something special.  You can decorate anything from your desk, keyboard, notebooks, candles, wallets, keychains, makeup brushes and hundreds of more ideas.  Having an extensive Washi tape collection is key to creating some beautiful DIY crafts and I’m in heaven with my collection.  My entire collection was collected from Oriental Trading and you won’t believe how many amazing patterns you can choose from.  I have all colors ranging from black to purple with every color in between.  Can’t wait to share all my DIY crafts with all of you.  My Organization system is the Spiral K-Cup Holder Stainless Steel Keurig K-Cup Storage which can be purchased on Amazon!  Not only does this system work amazing but it looks great as a focal point in any home.

Washi Tape

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