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My, oh my, have times changed!  I remember when vending machines used to just be for snacks, candies and sodas and were great for on the go and last minute items.  Now hitting the playing field is a brand new machine called the WeGoBabies which is a “smart” vending machine providing families with all the baby/toddler necessities they would need on the go!  Just image your bags are packed, you’ve hit the road to head to the amusement park or airport and realized to forgot to pack the diapers, wipes or maybe a sippy cup for little one. Well the WeGoBabies has all the products you would want and need in one convenient location.  WeGoBabies vending machines will be available at airports, zoos, museums, cruises, amusement parks, shopping malls and resorts.

Being the mom of 3 I LOVE this idea!  There have been more than a handful of times I have forgotten something that was crucial and had to go out of my way to run to a Target or CVS and it’s such a burden.  The machine is top of the line and has all the high end technical features you would love to see.

  • Touch Pad Interface
  • Credit Card Swipe
  • Receipt Printed and/or Emailed
  • Adjustable Tray sizes to vend anything from a thermometer to a gallon of milk
  • Refrigerated and Non-Refrigerated features
  • Elevator Delivery (no more smashed items)
  • Shopping Cart Feature (many items, one transaction)

Machines are coming full of personality and interaction and the voice will be a friendly female.  She will help you with the ordering process and can help you with age limits, serving size, materials used, does it require batteries and more.  This product is genius and they have covered everything that would make any parent or grandparent on the go very happy.

Accommodating the demands of the market WeGoBabies will be providing machines with diapers,wipes, formula, pacifiers, toys, books, snacks, teething rings, whole milk, onesies, swim diapers, travel size toiletries, sunscreen, sunglasses, OTC medicines, DVD players, DVDs, baby carriers and baby booster seats!

To find out more about the WeGoBabies machine and and to pledge your support for their kickstarter project head over here.

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Addicted2Savings4U has teamed up with 2 amazing bloggers The Budget Bandit and Bargains with Brittanie to help make this Giveaway a huge success.

baby basket

Enter to win a Baby Essentials Package courtesy of WeGoBabies!  Everything little ones will need for summer can be found in this goodie basket!  Giveaway will run from 5/8-5/16, good luck!

Baby Essentials Package comes with: Swim Diapers, Toothbrush set, Neosporin on the go, baby food tubs, body wash (travel size), johnson & johnson cleansing wipes, Infant’s Tylenol, Liquid Formula, Aveeno Lotion, Hand Sanitizer, Gerber Organic Puffs, Pampers baby wipes and Plum Organics Pouch Food!

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  2. Love that it is so convenient. I would think it'd take some of the pressure of if I forgot something. knowing that this type of vending would be around. Great idea!
  3. I love this! Whenever I forget something it would be nice to run across one of these for baby wipes or anything else I would need.
  4. I love the convenience of not having to run to a store to get baby essentials that you've forgotten or run out of! Good idea!

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