10 Legitimate Surveys Sites to Earn From

Do you like filling out surveys? If so, it can be really hard to figure out which companies are legit and will pay you and which ones are just looking to scam people. Don’t let the fact that there are scammy companies out there scare you away though. Surveys are a great way to add a little bit of extra money each month. Take a look at these 10 legit survey sites to earn from.

10 Legitimate Surveys Sites to Earn From

InstaGC – With InstaGC, you’ll be able to fill out surveys, complete offers, watch videos and more in exchange for points. Your points can be cashed out for gift cards, direct deposit or as of June 2015, Paypal. Gift cards pay instantly and Paypal is pretty close to it too.

Quick RewardsQuick Rewards has a lot of different ways that you can earn. Even better is that they will partner you up with a veteran site member to help you learn how to use the sites. They have no minimum payout and pay daily.

Points2Shop Just like InstaGC, with Points 2 Shop, you earn points by doing offers or completing surveys. The big difference is that P2S offers you actual prizes or cash as a payment method. You can order any prize from any site that you have the account balance to pay for.

MySurvey MySurvey only offers targeted surveys, but you can cash out for cash or gift cards in exchange for completing them! I’ve even heard of some people getting free products to test from this one as well!

National Consumer Panel While this one isn’t a survey company like the others, it is very legit. As a NCP member, you scan your purchases with an app on your phone and receive points in exchange. Those points can be changed into real life prizes that are perfect for gift giving!

Valued Opinions Valued Opinions is great for anyone who wants to participate in focus groups. They have them often and each one pays very well.

Toluna – If you like product testing and surveys, be sure to check this one out. Each month they release a product testing (limited number of testers) to their members. Make sure that you are an active, participating member for your chance to score one.

YouGov – This is another one that survey takers love. The surveys you take will be turned into gift cards when you cash out.

CashCrate One of the longest running survey companies out there, Cashcrate is perfect for someone who is looking to add a few dollars each month. Payments are made once a month by check and they’ll even give you $1.00 free when you verify your email address.

While you won’t make a full time income from home with these companies, you can easily add a couple of hundred each month. To earn the most with them, be active, use honest information and work them a couple of hours each day.

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