3 Ways to Lower Your Bills

3 Ways to Lower Your Bills

Where are my Southern California people at? I represent SoCal! A place that gets a lot of flak for how expensive it is. While I agree that it can be expensive, there are things we can do to save money. I like to go beyond the very basic ways of saving money. I like to dive a little deeper, you know? With a little research, I have concluded that TP-Link has a line of products that are affordable and can help save anyone in the world money. Using these products: HS105 smart plug with energy monitor, LB 130 smart Wi-Fi bulb, and HS200 smart switch, your life is going to be a lot easier and you’re going to save a lot of money! Here’s how-


Monitor our energy usage.

The average human eye can’t look at an appliance and tell how much energy it exerts. Thanks to products from TP-Link, monitoring energy usage is easy. Using the Smart Plug Energy Monitor, I can easily see the amount of energy being used in our home.


Dim the lights.

How many times have you wanted to dim the lights in your home, but weren’t sure how? The LB 130 smart Wi-Fi bulb from TP-Link has been an energy saver for us. When you need the lights turned down in your bedroom because you’re trying to go to sleep or when you just want to save some money and don’t need full-fledged light in a room—this light bulb helps! Overtime, it has also helped us save money in our home.


I love the ease of using the app from my phone and controlling the lights.  There are millions of colors you can bring to life and it’s amazing plus the kids love it!  Want to have a little fun turn on some blue, orange, red, pink or green lights, or you can explore the thousands of shades of white to find the perfect one for your home.  These products are amazing and I’m in love.  You have to try out all the products from TP-Link and right now you can save 20% off by using code TPLinkSmart.


Work together as a team.

My husband and I are on the same page when it comes to trying to lower our bill. We both know that it’s not something that we do once that will help us save money, but something we do overtime. Working together as a team is one sure-fire way to lower your monthly bills.


TP-Link’s line of Smart Home products is designed to help YOU save money. Why should you ever spend more money than you need to? The installation of the products is super easy and downloading the Kasa app is easier than ever!

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