Baby First Year Guide of Must Haves

Baby first year guide 1 Having a baby is a very special moment but it can be so overwhelming deciding what baby truly needs for the First year.  All a baby truly needs is love and care but this list is just to highlight all of my favorite items for my daughter who is now 9 months old!  I hope you enjoy this guide and find it useful for when you’re shopping for your little bundle of joy!  

Safety 1st Advance SE 65 Air Plus Convertible Car Seat – This convertible car seat is ideal for babies weighing 5 lbs – 70 lbs allowing you to skip the infant car seat.  The Safety 1st Advanced Car seat is number one on the market and the only one I truly trust with my daughter.  Adorable baby girl not included.  Full review here.

Combi Cabria Stroller – Having a baby comes with a lot of stuff to carry but this easy to fold up and down stroller is a must have!  If folds up so compact that it makes traveling a breeze, plus its extra large basket makes it ideal to hold all those diaper bags and additional stuff.  Enjoy parent cup holders and attached stroller organizer.  Available in 3 colors which are perfect for boys and girls.  Full review here.

Motorola MBP26 Wireless 2.4 GHz Video Baby Monitor with 2.4″ Color LCD Screen – This monitor is a must have!  When your baby is out of your sight you’ll feel safe being able to see your bundle of joy in a clear picture. The handheld monitor makes it easy to move around the house and keep an eye on baby.  Full review here for the baby monitor and baby movement sensor listed below.

Binatone BabySense 5s Baby Movement Sensor – The Binatone BabySense 5s includes two motion detecting pads to detect no movement or irregular patterns.  This will keep parents at peace when baby is sleeping alone in their crib.  Any lack of movement or frantic movements will alert you so you can take care of baby in a prompt manner.

Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag – Having a baby means you will be carrying A LOT of stuff.  The Ju-Ju-Be Diaper have endless pockets and storage space to carry all of baby’s essentials including bottles, formula, clothing, diapers, wipes, toys, blankets, books, shoes and more.  This is the only diaper bag you’ll need and they don’t look like a traditional diaper bag and come equipped with backpack straps and optional shoulder straps!  Full review here.

Snugglish by Totlings – Little ones need a safe and secure place to nap while mom gets things done.  The Snugglish is available in several fonts and a definite must have for babies aged newborn and up.  These baby bean bags can hold up to 160 lbs so can even be used by toddlers.  This is a definite must have!  To see my full review + exclusive discount just go here.

Tommee Tippee 360 Sealer Diaper Disposal System– Baby’s produce a lot of diapers in that first year and the Diaper Disposal system by Tommee Tippee is an absolute must have because it individually seals each diapers so there is never a smell.  I love this diaper disposal system and since it’s white it fits perfectly in any nursery.  Full review here.

NUK Natural Sleep System– The brand new NUK Sleep system is a must have for any nursery!  Providing baby with natural sleep and wake cycle through light and sounds.  Enjoy a soothing amber light for a better night sleep and enjoy 4 classical songs.  Read Full review here for NUK Natural Sleep System, Hepa-type Air Purifier and Cool Mist Humidifier.

NUK Hepa-type Air Purifier – Keeping purified air in baby’s nursery is a must.  You don’t realize how much dust, pollen and mold is floating around and using an air purifier is so much better for baby and the entire family. This product is designed especially for the nursery.

NUK Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – Having a Humidifier in a nursery is crucial.  With a 24 hour run time you’ll love the protection it gives your little one during sick times.  Helps give baby better sleep at night with the cooling effect of this humidifier.

Gerber Graduates Advance Developmental Leak Proof STRAW Sippy Cup – As baby nears the age of 1 you’ll love these brand new sippy cups by gerber.  Baby’s will get up to 6 hours of cooling insulation and enjoy 100% leak-proof, spill-proof and break-proof guaranteed.  A must have for any little one exploring the sippy cup world.  Dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

Born Free Soft Clean Burp Cloth, Moroccan Floral – Born Free Burp Cloths are the perfect accessories for baby.  Made of a soft muslin which is perfect for wiping baby’s face and is great at absorbing spilled baby food while protecting clothing underneath.  The patterns are adorable and the cloth is extremely soft.  Adorable for any baby. Full review here for burp cloth, bibs and snack bags.


Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Formula Machine is a must have for any formula feeding parents.  Just imagine the perfect temperature bottle in a matter of minutes for your little one.  This machine provides the perfect temperature every single time so no more guess work of is the bottle to hot or to cold.  My husband and I love this machine so much and it gets used several times a day.  Full review here.

Ella’s Baby Foods are the perfect choice for babies aged 4 months +.  Ella’s Kitchen is providing 100% organic baby products, toddler products and kid products for your little ones to enjoy.  It’s my daughters favorite line of foods and the ones we trust the most.  Available in a wide variety of foods for even the pickiest eaters.  Full review here.

Ingenuity Moonlight Rocking Sleeper – Lullaby Lamb is a great rocking sleeper for newborns to age 9 months.  Lightweight and portable which makes it easy to move throughout the house.  Enjoy a slight rocking, star gazing night light and soothing music to put babies to sleep and keep them asleep.  Full review here.

Ingenuity Gentle Automatic Bouncer – Whimsical Wonders is the only bouncer on the market to have a gentle motion bouncing without baby being active.  Enjoy soothing melodies that will keep baby at peace and the colors are fantastic for a boy or girl.  Deep, plush seats keep little ones safe and content while mom and dad get things done around the house.  Full review here.

Posh Play Mat are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  Whether you’re going to the park, beach or staying indoors for playtime the Posh Play mat is the perfect barrier to keep kids dry and clean while lounging on the floor. Available in a variety of colors and big enough to allow plenty of room for baby and siblings or parents to enjoy.  Full review here.

CanDoBaby is a free iPhone app that allows you to take photos of your children and upload them into an adorable little book to save all their amazing milestones throughout their first year.  This is a perfect gift for any new parent or existing parent and can be used with babies or older kids if you choose.  CanDoBaby includes a fun guide of important childhood milestones so parents will never miss a thing in child’s life.  First tooth – jot it down, First word – joit it down.  We have been having so much fun with this app for my daughter Madison and I can’t wait to see how our book turns out at the end of her first year.  We have photos from the moments she was born all the way to 9 months so far.  You’ll love hundreds of quirky, witty and downright hilarious milestone to choose from and your child and you will love looking at this book for many years to come.  For each milestone your child accomplishes you can add 4 photos to remember that special event.  This app is a much have because there are so many options to play with and documenting baby’s first year is so crucial because it really does go by to fast.  As soon as you record 30 milestones you have the option of printing your 30 page full color baby book for just $25.  To learn more about CanDoBaby just click the link above.

Oball Obounce Activity Center is full of bright, vibrant colors that will keep babies entertained for hours.  There are more than 15 activities to encourage little ones to learn and focus on hand/eye coordination while listening to sounds and watching lights.  This activity center is different than others on the market and it’s my favorite, I love the uniqueness of Oball products.  Full review here.

Milky is an organic herbal tea that will help with the production of breast milk so mothers can have a better flow for new babies.  So with just two drinks a day you’ll be on your way to a boost of quality and quantity of breast milk for your baby.  Full review here.

Born Free Soft Clean Bibs, Medallion, 3 Count are soft muslin cottons that are absorbent for baby food spills and drool and protect the underlying clothing.  The prints are adorable and the quality is fantastic.  You’ll love these bibs so much you’ll be buying them in all colors and patterns.  By far my favorite bibs around.

Born Free Snack Bag are eco-friendly, reusable pouches that are perfect for yogurt melts, puffs, cheerios and more for baby.  Just toss the snacks in the bag, zip up and toss in diaper bag as you’re running out the door. Snacks will stay fresh and dry for days.

The Ollie Swaddle

After having my 4th baby I was still concerned about my baby getting enough sleep and safe sleep. I truly believe in the Ollie Swaddle and it has given my son the best nights sleep since the night he was born.  With 4 gorgeous colors to choose from there is one you’ll fall in love with.  The Ollie Swaddle was made to help your child feel calm, peaceful and comforted at all times.  The Swaddle fabric is moisture wicking material which helps to regulate their temperature and keep them from overheating. Swaddling is best for babies and truly gives a much easier sleep for both baby and parents.  We love the Ollie Swaddle for our baby boy and I’ll definitely be giving it as gifts to new parents to be.

The Ollie Swaddle was created by Hindi Zeidman who invented the life-changing item for a baby boy named Oliver, her foster baby that wasn’t thriving. Oliver was an innocent, disconnected child who was underweight and on the verge of being labeled a “failure to thrive.”

Felix Fox Stroller Toy – Manhattan Toys

From the moment I found out I was having a boy I knew we would be having a woodland themed nursery and when I came across the Felix Fox Stroller Toy I knew I had to have it.  This super adorable and soft stuffed animal fox travel toy easily attaches to links, strollers and diaper bags with a plastic linkable loop. One pull of his tail and watch as this little fox jiggles! Felix Fox Stroller Toy includes 3 plastic textured teethers, crinkle ears, a soft rattle ball, bungee cord and a pull n’ jiggle tail. My son absolutely loves to play with it and can keep him entertained for hours.  All the toys from Manhattan toys are amazing!

Woodland Babies Foot Finder and Rattle – Manhattan Toys

One of the first things babies learn is where their feet are and when I came across these foot finder and rattles I knew we needed them for Landon.  These fit in with the woodland theme we’re focused on for him and they are so cute!  The set comes with three playful rattles that can attach to babies feet and wrist for loads of entertainment.  As soon as I put these on my son he grabbed his feet and was playing with them with his hands.  Cutest thing ever.  Set comes with bunny footy rattle, owl footy rattle and fox write rattle that attaches with velcro closure!  All are super soft for babies to play with.


Easy Reach Folding Tub is perfect for newborns to kids aged 2.  Having a bulky bathtub isn’t an option in my house and I’m always seeking a space saving tub that provides my daughter with the needs she needs in the bathtub and this bathtub from Baby Journey is providing that and more.  Little ones will love the soft infant sling which cradles babies and keeps them safe and allows you to fully clean baby without moving them around.  The sling can be used alone in the sink for a quick bath for little ones or place the sling in the tub and give baby a bath with just the right amount of water.  Once baby outgrows the infant sling right around 25 lbs you can use the tub alone for bathing little ones and it keeps them within arms reach and is perfect for toddlers.  When the tub is not in use it easily folds up for a space saving design and makes traveling a breeze.  Once your done with the infant sling for the event just hang it from the shower head and let it drip dry to prevent mildew odors.  The colors make it suitable for a boy or girl and this would make an excellent, unique baby shower gift for any mother to be.  The Easy Reach Folding Tub can be purchased for just $34.99 here.

Baby Journey Towel Warmer is a must have item for Baby’s first year.  There is nothing more relaxing than being wrapped up in a warm towel and baby’s should be able to experience this as well.  With this towel warmer you can warm baby’s bath towel to the perfect temperature and apply to baby’s skin to warm them up quickly.  It’s so easy just throw the hooded towel in the towel warmer and press start. It’s perfect for onesies, blankets, hooded towels and even adult size towels so adults can get used out of this product as well.  We use this daily and have been for about a month.  My daughter Madison loves her warm towels and looks forward to them after every bath now.  This is going to be a perfect item for Winter time when it gets super cold in our home.  Towels are warmed in less than 10 minutes, perfect temperature towels everytime and comes with an auto shut off so that’s one less thing you have to worry about.  This product is small enough it can be stored in a hall closet or even baby’s closet although ours is out for easy use daily.  The Towel Warmer can be purchased for just $49.99 here.

The Cozy Sun and Bug Infant Carrier Cover is an essential to protect baby’s from the harmful rays and bugs out there.  Baby’s skin is so very sensitive especially the very first year and this stylish cover that fits over your infant carseat and is so small when not in use can be carrier in your purse or diaper bag.  The closure is well ventilated for baby and will provide much needed protection for baby.  We have been using this for about a week and it’s perfect for our walks in the afternoon and I love that I can still see Madison through the mesh lining.  She loves being in the cozy cover and has smiles ear to ear when I look at her.  This cover will protect baby from the sun, wind, rain, bugs and from strangers attempting to touch your baby.  Each package comes with 2 shades and comes in 4 vibrant colors: blue, green, pink and orange.  You can purchase the Cozy Cover for just $14.95 here.

Burt’s Bee Baby products are the top rated products for baby’s sensitive skin.  Their truly the only products I have trusted with all of my kids and for the past 9 months we have only been using Burt’s Bees on my daughter and her skin is amazingly soft and she always smells so good.  All their bath products are tear-free and are all natural plant based products.  These baby products work amazing, smell great and won’t dry out baby’s skin. Use the whole product line for the best skin results for baby.  All of their products are phthalates free, paraben free, petrolatum free and SLS free plus their Pediatrician tested and hypo allergenic.  Whatever product baby needs Burt’s Bees has it in their extensive product line and you won’t be disappointed.  We received shampoo/body wash, bubble bath, nourishing lotion, cleansing wipes, diaper ointment and diaper cream to baby powder.  We loved the entire line we tried and Maddy loves her new products so much.  So while you’re shopping for bathing products for baby remember Burt’s Bees is the best choice for you and your family, plus these products would make an excellent baby shower gift.


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