5 Work at Home Jobs You May Not Know About

When you’re looking for a work at home job, it can be hard to find something that actually works for you and your family. There are so many to choose from that it can be really confusing for the new work at home mom or dad. Check out these 5 work at home jobs that you may not know about. Hopefully one of them will work well for you.

5 Work at Home Jobs You May Not Know About

Freelance Writing – Those that love to write can make a very good income writing freelance. Check Craigslist for job opportunities, Facebook groups and virtual assistant sites. Be sure that you charge enough to cover your time, but not so much that you’re cheating your clients.

Editing – If you’re good at grammar and writing, you may be able to find work editing copy for aspiring writers, bloggers and more. You’ll need to figure out your per word cost, then list and certify on a site like ODesk.com to find work.

Photo Editing – Are you a Photoshop wiz? If so, put your skills to work! Freelance photographers and even larger photo companies sometimes hire editors to help make photos look their best. The work is typically done from home and can pay very well depending on how good you are.

Online Juror – Hate jury duty in person but wouldn’t mind it if you could stay home? If so, you may want to look into E-Jury! They’ll pay you for being an online juror! (url: http://www.ejury.com/)

Email marketer – Do you love telling people about new products? If so, check out email marketing! Two things to remember with this is that everyone hates spam as much as you do and to never endorse a product you don’t believe in.

Home Bookkeeping Business – Are you good with numbers and organized enough to keep track of expenses and budgets? If so, you could open your own home based bookkeeping business! You don’t need a degree, just the ability to add, subtract and do percentages! If you go this route, be sure that you keep your client records organized because they will need them for their taxes.


Working at home is something that everyone can do. It just requires a little thought and sometimes creativity to find that perfect way to earn!

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