Pink Bedroom Makeover with Valspar Reserve Paint & Prime

One of the first rooms in the home I wanted to give a makeover to is my daughters bedroom.  She’s a girly girl and absolutely loves the color pink.  Well when we moved into this home her bedroom was a bright shades of blues that just wasn’t going to work for our princess.  Aside from the awful color the previous owners painted the vents, doors and electrical outlets to match.  That’s one thing I can not stand!

Girls Bedroom Makeover

With the help of Valspar paint I was able to give my daughters room a complete makeover and give her room two shades of the most perfect pink ever.  We used Valspar Reserve paint + primer and it did amazing at covering up the bright blues.  With just two coats on each wall the blue is a distant memory and the pink is as vibrant as it can possibly be.  This is the first paint brand we’ve ever used that covered so well and looked flawless on the walls.  For Madison’s room we used Pink Destiny, Pixie Dust and Ultra White to give her the complete girly girl room makeover.

Girls Bedroom Makeover ColorsWe decided to paint 2 walls light pink which included the closet and 2 walls the darker pink.  Right now we just have the solid walls but next week you’ll see how we added in vertical stripes behind her crib to give the room the completed makeover.  We took this room from drab to fab and fit for a princess with the right color choices, new base boards, new closet organizers, new flooring, new vent and more!  All it takes it a little bit of paint and you’re on your way to a gorgeous room makeover!

Girls Pink Bedroom Makeover

Stay tuned next week for how to create the most perfect vertical stripe using Valspar paint!

Pink Bedroom Makeover2

Girls Bedroom Makeover5

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