Better for you Kids Meals at Smashburger

Tracking PixelWe love trying new food places with our family and sharing our experience with my readers!


The last few months we’ve been settling into our new home and working on our remodels which included gutting the kitchen and rebuilding it from a blank canvas.  Since we removed the kitchen we were forced to eat out with the kids daily and it got tiring eating and the same food places day after day.  It was time for a change so we grabbed the kids and ventured off to Buena Park.  Buena Park is an area with past through often and every time we drove by I admired a food place called Smashburger.  Smashburger was something new for my family and I couldn’t wait to try it out.


The kids were so excited when I said we were going somewhere new. Upon arrival I was intrigued by the size of the Smashburger, it was huge inside. You’ll enjoy cozy seating and fast ordering.  There are menus to grab while waiting in line so you can pick exactly what you want to eat.  So many choices it was hard to narrow it down to just one, so good thing I brought my entire family so we could get a little of everything.  After ordering our kids meals were delivered to the table before we even finalized sitting down, now that’s fast service.


We ordered a variety of food which included the Classic Smash, Truffle Mushroom Swiss, Smash Fries and Spicy Buffalo Fries.  For the Kids we ordered the hamburger kids meal, hot dog kids meal and the new Grilled Chicken Strips paired with Musselman’s Unsweetened Squeezable Apple Sauce.  It was a great change to get the kids some grilled chicken strips and they gobbled them up, I barely got a picture! I love that there is now a healthier side option for kid’s meals that is not french fries and my kids didn’t seem to mind that the applesauce was unsweetened.  These kid’s meals are better for you options and it’s a great alternative to the other fast food crud we’ve been consuming.


It was nice and enjoyable to have a better-for-you meal choice for the kids and I know they found it delicious.  With good quality food and fast service there’s nothing not to love about Smashburger and we’ll definitely be returning very soon.  The Better for you kid’s meals come with a main course, side and choice of drink so all the food groups are being covered and your kid’s will leave full and happy.


Chicken Strips

Wondering what makes the Grilled Chicken Strips so yummy?  Well they’re 100% premium all-white meat and have no artificial flavors or fillers.  The squeezable applesauce pouches are the perfect alternative to greasy fries and very kid friendly.  The single serving pouches contain no added sugar or sodium and are gluten-free.  Now let’s talk kids drinks.  Let your kids choose between Organic HONEST Kids Juice, Horizon Milk (white or chocolate) or a fountain drink.  We of course chose milk for our kiddos!  To enjoy a delicious kid’s meal was only $5.49 and that includes the Entree, side and drink and is available at all Smashburger restaurants nationwide.




So the next time you and your family are wondering where to eat head over to your local Smashburger and give them a try!  You definitely won’t be disappointed!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Smashburger.

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