Spider Web Chocolate Cake

In our household we love a delicious chocolate dessert but sometimes it’s not ideal to make an entire cake that you know you’ll just indulge and feel guilty about later.  I’m always on the hunt for quick and easy desserts that can be enjoyed by my family and of course myself.  I was so intrigued when I found the newest Duncan Hines Perfect Sized cakes in a variety of flavors.  The first perfect sized cake I wanted to try was Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting, yum!

Duncan Hines Cake

The Duncan Hines Perfect Sized cakes come with everything you need for a delicious dessert.  Upon opening the box you’ll find a 6″ pan, cake mix and dry frosting powder.  All you need is a bowl, eggs, melted butter and an oven!  I’m in love with the size, ease of making and how delicious they were!  This chocolate cake didn’t stand a chance in our home!  To make things a little more fun I made this Duncan Hines Chocolate cake into a Halloween Spider Web Cake and it turned out so cute!

Duncan Hines Spider Web Cake top view

Spider Web Chocolate Cake

Mix up the cake mix according to the instructions on the back of the box.  Place in the oven for 35 minutes at 300 degrees.  Once cooked remove from oven and allow to cool for at least 30 minutes before applying the frosting.  I placed mine in the fridge over night because that’s how I like my chocolate cake. Open the powder frosting packet and mix according to the directions as well.  Pour the chocolate frosting on top of the cake and allow it to run down the sides.  Using a smooth spatula spread the frosting over the top and sides of the cake.

Duncan Hines Cake mix

Duncan Hines Cake baked

Duncan Hines Cake frosted

Duncan Hines Cake circles

Once the frosting is smoothed out grab a tube of green sparkly gel and starting in the middle make circles all the way out to the outer edge.  Grab a toothpick and pull the circle form towards the middle, this will create the spider web effect!  To give the cake a little extra love we added some orange chocolate pieces and the cake was complete!

Duncan Hines Spider Web Cake

Duncan Hines Spider Web Cake Upclose

These Duncan Hines perfect size cakes are perfect for all occassions and come in Chocolate Lover’s Cake, Strawberries and Creme Cake, Golden Fudge Cake, Red Velvet Dream and Lemon Bliss Cake!  Stay tuned for more creations using the perfect size cakes coming up! 

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