Date Night Ideas for Mom and Son

Date Night Ideas for Mom and Son

I am one lucky mom. I have three sons that I get to spend a life time spoiling. I actually like to spend one-on-one time with my sons any chance I can get. I wanted to share some things my sons and I might do for a mother-son date night.


#1. Roller skating

This is such a fun one! Whether we choose to go around the block on our roller skates or even hit up the local skating rink, this makes an awesome mother-son date night. After all of these years, I still have a little skating spunk left in me.

#2. Movie night

I don’t think there is anything more fun than going on a date night with my son and watching a movie. Since we don’t get to do this very often, it’s one of our favorites. As kids get older, they are fun to take to the movies. They view it as a treat and it’s always fun for me.

#3. Heading to the local park

I am one of those moms that you will catch running around with their kids at the park. I think the perfect date night for a mom and son can involve heading to the park to play. Letting your son run around and be a kid is one of the best ways to spend time with him.

#4. Make snacks together

When it’s mother-son date night, we kick everyone out of the house and have a snack making night. When it comes to our date nights, no snacks are off limits. All of my sons actually really enjoy Goldfish crackers as their main snack on our date nights. These are baked with real cheese and so delicious. This is a snack that I actually feel good about serving to my kids.  Goldfish snacks have always been our go to and I love that they’re easy to serve up for a movie and a great for on-the-go.  Couldn’t be happier.  

Another thing we love to do together is create fun projects and this week we created a fun “Calm Down Jar”.  It’s so simple to make and makes total sense if you have a child that just needs to calm down a bit.

Calm Down Jar

What you need:

  • Empty Water Bottle
  • Water
  • Baby Oil
  • Glitter


Fill your empty water bottle up with 2/3 water amd 1/3 baby oil.  Pour in your glitter (the finer the glitter the long it will take to settle down) and place the cap on.  Shake the bottle as hard as you can and set it on a flat surface and wait for all the glitter to settle! Such a fun activity.

What are some date night ideas for moms and sons that you’d like to share?

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