Why You Need a Little Honey in Your Life

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Buzz + Bloom Honeys.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Buzz + Bloom

Who doesn’t love a little honey in their life? I could eat honey all day long and on anything I eat. However, not too long ago, I started realizing how good honey was for me. I started doing a little research and then ran into Buzz + Bloom oney. Check out why you need a little of this honey in your life.


  1. Buzz + Bloom Honey is dedicated to globally-sourced honey, which means they are only interested in sending you the best.
  2. Honey from Buzz + Bloom is only delivered from beekeepers in the United States, Brazil, Vietnam, Ethiopia and around the world.  Giving a unique taste with each and every variety.
  3. Natural pollen is an important part of the honeymaking process. Buzz + Bloom actually strains their honey, making sure it retains the natural pollen.
  4. Buzz + Bloom Honey creates Honey that is never overheated, it’s made just right, just for you!
  5. By not overheating their honey, vital enzymes and antioxidants that make honey a true superfood.
  6. Buzz + Bloom honey taste delicious, no matter how you eat them. I can’t believe how much my family has fallen in love with it.
  7. Buzz + Bloom are perfect for spreading, dipping, or spooning. However, you want to eat it, you will not be disappointed in the taste.
  8. There are four awesome flavors.  100% Pure Honey, Almond, Blueberry and Cinnamon.
  9. The packets of single-serve honey are perfect for lunches or on the go. I don’t think there is a bad place to indulgein this delicious honey.
  10. One of the best parts is that Buzz + Bloom honeys contain no artificial flavors. Superfood at its finest.

Why You Need a Little Honey in Your Life

I say it’s time you give honey a try and these 10 reasons are more than enough to convince you to try Buzz + Bloom Honey.

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