Floor & Decor Shopping Experience and new Laminate flooring

We purchased our dated 1970’s home a little over a month ago and before even moving in we had a long list of things we wanted to change in the home to fit our personal style and to give it an instant updated look.  One of the top things on our list was new flooring throughout the home.   We needed to select flooring for 3 different levels and ultimately chose to do the 5 bedrooms upstairs as well as the hallway in a gorgeous laminate dark flooring we picked up at our local Floor & Décor.  Keep reading to find out about my Floor & Decor Shopping Experience and new Laminate flooring!

Floor & Decor

Floor & Décor is a retail store that has full stock of all the latest tile, wood, stone, tools and flooring supplies at the best prices.  This is the go to place for homeowners and contractors and allows you to see exactly what items you’re interested in and you can take with you same day.  In most cases all items are in stock but there’s always a slight chance the item you love could be set for delivery in the coming weeks but it’s definitely worth the wait.  We browsed the flooring aisles for hours and hours trying to find the most perfect flooring for our home and we finally found one.

Floor & Decor Laminate

Like most Homeowners we ventured off to the store to find the products we love and compare pricing.  We found a couple bamboo floorings we loved for the downstairs but this recent trip was set on finding a gorgeous laminate flooring for the upstairs.  We were able to get help quickly and we we’re walked through the different flooring, installation instructions, delivery and more.  Of course the flooring we picked was very popular and we had to order a pallet from the distribution center.  75 Boxes later and it was definitely worth the wait because the flooring looks so gorgeous upstairs!

Floor & Decor Flooring

Once we picked out our flooring, which happened to be a click lock flooring we were walked over to the flooring mats that are highly recommended to apply over your subfloor.  Not only are the mats great for moisture control but they are a great sound barrier also which is ideal when you have 3 little kids running upstairs.  We picked the middle of the line padding and we’re happy with our decision.


Lets talk about pricing.  My husband and I went to over 10 flooring stores and Floor & Décor definitely had the best prices and we were able to score our flooring for just $1.99/sq ft.  That is an amazing deal compared to other home improvement stores and it may it a very affordable flooring for our budget.

We purchased a fixer upper so we can make it our dream home and every piece we put into the home makes it look that much better.  The laminate flooring we chose are the Raven Oak Laminate flooring and although they appear brown on the site they are more of a dark brown/grayish color and go perfectly in our home.

We said goodbye to our ugly, light colored carpet and hello to our gorgeous dark laminate flooring.   Be sure to stay tuned for the room by room posts highlighting the floors and even an installation guide to make installation a breeze.  These floorings are definitely perfect for the DIYer in your home.

Floor & Decor Laminate

I was given a gift card to help compensate my flooring for my home.  All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.

3 thoughts on “Floor & Decor Shopping Experience and new Laminate flooring

  1. Hi Brittany, My wife and I were literally just at Floor and Decor an hour ago looking at laminate, and the laminate we liked the best was the Raven Oak also!!! There was an open box there and we looked at a couple of the 5 dollar planks available and inspected every inch of them! We noticed that one corner of a plank was chipped and it exposed the layer underneath. This also showed us how thin that top finish was and we started to worry that maybe this could happen to us... We have 3 kids here and so we were wondering. How well does the floor hold up? Did any chips or dings occur in the middle of the floor? What about spills?! We all know how kids get! And finally, how do scratches hold up? Again we all know how kids get! We're hoping to purchase in stock in 3 days. So hopefully we get to hear from you!! -John and Heather
    1. We placed this flooring in our kids rooms, my office, our master bedroom and it's amazing!!!! Scratches don't even appear, coloring marks wipe away easily and it's amazing to clean. I highly recommend this floor you won't be disappointed. Plus it looks great with any decor or furniture!! It's holding up a lot better than my pricey bamboo flooring I purchased at another retailer. We have zero chips, cracks or marks in the floors and we have a 7 year old, 6 year old, 3 year old, 7 month old, 2 adults and a dog!! And spills are easily cleaned up! Go for it you'll be so happy!!!

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