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The warm Summer weather is finally here and I couldn’t be anymore happy.  Taking the family to the beach on the weekends is what we enjoy doing the most.  Letting the kids play in the sand and the shallow waters why soaking up some much needed vitamin D to give our skin that golden glow.  Sometimes the UV rays in Southern California can be quite harsh as lately we’re hitting over 100 degrees on a daily basis.  If you’re seeking only the best from the suncare products you use you’ll fall in love with Miami Beach Suncare products because their bringing Miami Beach to you in a bottle.  You’ll received natural skin benefits because the lotions and sprays contain natural sea elements such as kelp and salt water.

I was very excited when I first received my bottles of Miami Beach suncare products not only is the packaging beautiful but the inside products are amazing.  You will not feel overpowered by the smell but enjoy it as you soak in the sun, plus this product will not leave u feeling greasy at all.  After you’ve spent a day in the glorious sun you will love your new achieved color from the suncare line but to make your color pop even more pair it with a nice coat of SoBe Nights sunless bronzers to get that true golden glow.  My skin has never been tanner.  I have skin that only likes to burn and I don’t tan after which is such a bummer and I have tried every product on the market and now I finally found a winner and it’s packed in my beach bag for all summer long.

So the next time you head to the beach, lake or just an outting outdoors grab a bottle of your favorite Miami Beach Suncare and toss it in your bag and enjoy that golden color you’ll be getting.  All products are sold online and can be found at your local Bed, Bath & Beyond as well as Walgreens.

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