Newman’s Own Organic Dog Foods and Snacks Review


In my household we love Organic foods and can’t get enough of them, but what about our pets? Don’t they deserve only the best as well? Newman’s Own Organic carries a line of dog food products that consist of dry dog foods, wet dog foods and dog snacks that any doggy is sure to love. We have a 5 year old Maltipoo named Tanner and he’s like one of our children. So when I got the opportunity to review the organic line of pet products for my dog I was so excited. We received an abundant of goodies for Tanner . Tanner is normally very hesitant on what he eats, he won’t eat table scraps and he’s not a huge fan of wet dog food; until now. I popped open a can of wet dog food and placed some over his dry dog food and he gave it one sniff and started gobbling that food down. Something I’ve never seen him do in 5 years, so it’s safe to say he loves it.


Newman’s Organic products consist of grain free foods for dogs so you know your furry friends are getting only the best.  There isn’t a product from this organic line that my dog wouldn’t eat.  We love the entire line and will definitely be purchasing more.  I think Tanner’s favorite product was the Chicken & Sweet Potato sticks he couldn’t eat those fast enough.  To find Newman’s Own Organics dog food products near you just go here.  Be sure to follow them on Facebook for all their great products, tips and savings.


Enjoy a great selection of pet food products.

Dry Foods:

Adult Dog Formula
Advanced Dog Formula
Adult Cat Food
Advanced Cat Formula

Wet Foods:

Dog Premium Formula
Dog Grain Free Beef Formulas
Dog Grain Free Poultry Dinners
Cat Premium Formulas
Cat Grain Free Beef Formulas
Car Grain Free Poultry Dinners

Canine Treats:

Premium Dog Treats
Snack Sticks
New Zealand Ranch Style Dog Treats
Dental Bones

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