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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Skout’s Honor. All opinions are 100% mine.

Skout’s Honor Products

I’m a busy working mother of 4 little ones and a furry friend Tanner and we keep busy!  I love to keep my house clean for those unexpected visitors and always clean up after my kids and dog.  Since it’s been raining a lot lately we’ve been having more accidents in the house with Tanner than I’d like to admit and it’s been rough!  We have white carpets throughout the home to brighten up the area and have a urine stain or the odor that comes with it is not okay!  I have a 7 month old that does his tummy time and sitting up on these same rugs so I needed a product that would work effectively and quickly!  Find out how Skout’s Honor Products make a difference in my home.

Skout's Honor

Make a cleaning schedule

I have found that I do better with cleaning, when I make myself a cleaning schedule. For some reason, I get overwhelmed when I have a lot of cleaning to do in one day. It has been a sanity saver to make a cleaning schedule for myself. An example of this might be: Mondays I sweep, Fridays I do laundry, and so on.  The best time for me to clean is while the kids are eating breakfast or lunch or sitting down watching an episode on TV.  I have to be fully focused to clean or I accomplish nothing over an hour span.

I clean as I go

Instead of waiting till the last minute to clean up a mess from the dog or from the kids, I clean as I go. I try not to let things get too crazy around the house. If I see something that needs picked up, I go ahead and pick it up.  I love to keep cute storage bins around the house and behind the couches, it’s a great way to store those items lying around the home.  Plus as soon as I see a piddle stain on my rug I now reach for the Skout’s Honor Products.

Get the kids involved

The best thing about having kids is when they learn to help-out around the house. Running a house is a full-time job, which means getting the kids involved is a no brainer. They can help with chores around the house, if they are age appropriate. I may have the oldest help fold laundry and the three-year-old help unload the dishwasher.

Use the right products

Something else that helps me keep a clean house are the right products. Everyone knows that kids and animals can be messy. When I came across Skout’s Honor All Natural Products, I got excited. I don’t like using chemicals around the house, so these products are right up my ally.  I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to get my hands on them to test them out.  4 Kids an a dog I need all the help I can get!

Skout’s Honor Products make a difference

Skout’s Honor really do work! I have noticed that they make the most powerful products possible and they really do work. When it comes to any pet stains or odors that my dog leaves behind (sometimes my kids too), these products work wonders.  As soon as you notice the spot follow the directions on the bottle to tackle the issue right than and there.  Be sure to use the Stain & Odor Remover first (perfect for dog urine, wine stains, dirty clothes, etc) and follow up with the Odor Eliminator (Which is ideal for spritzing up a room smell, a trash can, garbage disposals and more), both products are professional strength and work so well!!

All products from Skout’s Honor are all natural. This means they are non-toxic, earth friendly, biodegradable, cruelty free and can be used around your kids, pets, and your home.  These can be purchased from a handful of retailers such as Petsmart, Petsense, Pet Supplies Plus and Amazonwhere to buy


All Skout’s honor products are manufactured under the California Green Chemistry initiative. They are non-toxic, rapidly biodegradable, eco friendly and free of harsh chemicals, chlorine and formaldehyde, making them safe to use around your pets, family and home.

They also give back. I love buying products when the brand gives back. They are passionate about giving back and donate a day’s worth of food to a shelter animal with the Paw Pledge with every product sold!  That right there makes me a customer for life.

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