Thermal-Aid ® Zoo” and “Thermal-Aid ® Zoo Minis

Thermal-Aid Zoo

Thermal-Aid ® Zoo” and “Thermal-Aid ® Zoo Minis are an eco-friendly, 100% natural, kid-friendly product.  Whether your little one is suffering from the flu, a cold or even a boo boo these Zoo animals will have them feeling better in no time.  When children are sick sometimes it’s a struggle to get them to take medicine, or get a good night sleep and it’s even harder to apply ice to a boo boo.  These Thermal-Aid animals take the hassle out of helping children heal and heal them within hours.

These cuddly animals can be placed in the microwave for heat and placed in the freezer for a colder effect. When my son has the flu and is burning up the last thing he wants to do is have a cold wash cloth on his face so I pop the Thermal-Aid Zoo blue bear into the freezer and let him cuddle with it for as long as he wishes.  My son slept like a champ cuddling up to his new “friend” he named Boca.  Now when he doesn’t feel good he asked for Boca to make him feel better.  Did you know a kid is likely to feel better and get the sleep they need while cuddling up with a cuddly friend?

The other day my children were playing outside and my daughter slipped and fell and scratched up her knee.  Of course we knew it hurt and she was in mild pain but she wouldn’t allow us to clean out the scratch or apply ice.  So we placed the Thermal Zoo animal in the freezer and she sat with her cuddly elephant for a good while on the couch.  When you have a headache or the kids have a headache be sure to use these animals from the freezer as well as you’ll immediately feel relief.

Each Thermal-Aid Zoo animal contains a very special Therapy Pack to help with treating adult headaches, general pain and muscle aches as well as post operative inflammation.  No one likes bulky and uncomfortable ice packs or heating pads and these are a great alterative. These zoo animals are genius and I love using them with my 3 children now.  My only regret is not finding them sooner.

Right now there is a great deal going on you just don’t want to miss.  Purchase one Thermal-Aid Zoo animal for $14.95 + S/H and receive a 2nd one for free.  Plus there is a 30 day money back guarantee in case you aren’t happy.  Enjoy these are perfect for the Summer months ahead.

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