Tips for Cleaning Out a Closet

When you open your closet door are items falling out? If a closet in your home is jam packed with clothing, it’s a clear sign that they own too many clothes. Check out these Tips for cleaning Out a Closet for someone who has too many clothes.

Tips for Cleaning out a Closet

Take everything out of the closet.

When it comes to dealing with an overstuffed closet, you simply need to take everything out first. Every single article of clothing should be removed from the closet.

Organize into piles; stays and goes.

In order to make more room in the closet, two categories need made. Make one pile for the clothing that will stay and another pile for the clothing that will go.

Get rid of or store clothes of various sizes.

It’s no secret that sometimes people fluctuate with their sizes. To solve this problem, only leave your current size in the closet. You can either get rid of the clothes that are too big or too small, or you can store them in containers until you need them again. Just don’t keep the extra clothes in your closet because it clutters everything up.

Separate clothing into seasons.

If you have too many articles of clothing in your closet, you will need to separate them based on seasons. If it’s currently winter, take all of the summer clothes out and store them in another space. Whenever there is only one season of clothing in your closet, you will be able to see what you have to wear a little more clearly.

And the most important tip; Stop buying more clothes!

If you have too many clothes already and you are having trouble keeping track, it’s time to take a break from buying more clothes. If you do think you need something, but can’t decide, follow these tricks.

  1. Hold off on buying it for 48 hours, if you still have the “dying” need to purchase, then go ahead.
  2. Whenever you buy something new, something old has to go!
  3. Put it in your online cart and don’t purchase right away. Look at the total and see if you really want to spend that amount on stuff you already have.

Cleaning out your closet when you already have too many clothes is quite the task. However, once you get started, you will be glad you did. Do you have any tips for cleaning out a closet for someone who owns too many clothes? I’d love to hear your tips.

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