Top 10 Kitchen Hacks

These Top 10 Kitchen Hacks are my own ideas and this post is brought to you by Sears. 

My husband and I just purchased a fixer upper home back in June and we were up for the challenge of all the renovations.  One of the first things we did after moving in was gutting the kitchen down to the concrete slab and building our dream kitchen.  In our dream kitchen we added custom white shaker cabinets, a big oversized island, white toquay quartz counters, dark bamboo floor and high end appliances.  I didn’t want to invest all of this money and not put in top of the line stainless steel appliances! After purchasing these High end appliances I knew we needed to be covered in case of any repairs, warranties and more so we turned to Sears.  Sears Home Appliances and Services can help make your home life so much easier and stress-free.

Top 10 Kitchen Hacks

We’ve worked hard to make the appliances in our home more family friendly. Keep reading to find out my Top 10 Kitchen Hacks for making those appliances work for you!

  1. Ask for help– Let’s face it, sometimes appliances are made for adults. Sometimes the kids just have to ask for help if they need it.  Sometimes my kids will try to get into the fridge by pulling over a chair and I’d much rather help them, than allow them to get hurt.
  2. Ring a bell– Sometimes asking for help can be hard because the kids can’t get our attention. Put a service bell in the kitchen. Allow the kids to ring the bell if they need help with one of the appliances. Make sure it’s a quiet bell, you don’t want the kids driving you crazy!
  3. Alarms always workout– Have an alarm installed to help the family members to remember to shut or turn off all of the appliances.
  4. Add a step stool to the kitchen– Sometimes appliances are hard to reach for kids (and adults), adding a step stool can help ensure they can reach things like the microwave or fridge.
  5. Hang a list of safety tips– Kids may have trouble remembering safety rules when it comes to using kitchen appliances. Create a list of safety tips for them to follow while in the kitchen.
  6. Put green duct tape on the appliances they’re allowed to use– Instead of leaving the kitchen wide open as a free for all. Put green duct tape on the appliances they’re allowed to use and red duct tape on what they’re not allowed to use. This helps to create kitchen boundaries for them, all while allowing them to still have fun, while using appliances in the kitchen.
  7. Keep important cooking items towards the front of the fridge- If your kids love to help you with baking and cooking, they’ll need access to important items like eggs and milk. Keep those items closer to the front of the fridge to make finding these items super easy for your kids.
  8. Label what each appliance is– If you have little ones at home learning to read, labeling your appliances can help make the kitchen much more family friendly for them.
  9. Post directions on how to use things– If you have guests over often, don’t be afraid to post directions for them. Maybe your fridge ice machine works in a particular way, a little sticky note can lead the way out of frustration.
  10. Keep height and size in mind– When choosing appliances for a family friendly kitchen, make sure you choose a size that makes sense for your family!


Purchasing a fixer upper was one of the best things my husband and I have ever done.  I love that I can make a home my dream home and do all the work ourselves.  One of the biggest home projects we tackled was the kitchen remodel and I’m glad it turned out better than I imagined.  Our appliances are gorgeous and I know that we’re protected thanks to the Sears taking care of our appliances, repairs, parts and warranties.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears Home Appliances and Services.

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