Top 10 Back to School Supplies at Dollar Tree

The back to school shopping season can be super expensive for any family and if you aren’t careful, it could easily take a large chunk out of your budget. Luckily parents have multiple options to choose from when they head out to shop for those supply lists. One of my favorites is Dollar Tree. School supplies at Dollar Tree are both affordable and plentiful so you’re sure to not have any issue picking up the ones on your lists! These top 10 back to school buys at Dollar Tree are sure to help you save money during such an expensive time of year.

Top 10 back to school supplies at dollar tree

Crayons – Need to grab a box of 64 count crayons? Go for it! You’ll be able to pick them up much cheaper than at larger big box stores.

3 subject notebooks – While others price 3 subject notebooks at around $1.50 each (or more!), DT carries them year round for just $1.00.

File and Folder Labels – If your child’s teacher asks for labels, pick them up for just $1.00 each instead of $3 or more at other stores.

Trifold Project Boards – Science fairs and more usually require the big, triple folded project or presentation boards for display. Don’t spend more than $1.00 on them because some Dollar Tree stores carry them!

Dry Erase Markers – Dollar Tree is great for picking up dry erase markers. You can usually find them in packs of two or three for just a buck and can get both the fine tip and the wide tipped.

File dividers – File dividers can be really expensive at other stores, but here you can grab an 8 or 10 pack for a dollar.

Dictionary and Thesaurus – Don’t spend $5.00 or more for your kiddos dictionary and thesaurus. Pick them up for just $1.00 each.

Full size staplers – forget those tiny little staplers that bigger named stores sell for $1.00 each. Swing by DT and grab a full sized one for just $1.00.

Hole Punch – Just like staplers, single hole punches are cheaper here too!

Dry Erase Boards – If your student is looking for a dry erase board for their locker or room, pick up a student sized one with marker for cheap!

As you can see, Dollar Tree is not just great for bargain home décor and food items, but a lot of other supplies as well! Before you shop, make out a list of items that your students need and then head out! It’s important to remember though that not all Dollar Tree stores carry the same items, so just be aware that yours may not carry the things on this list. If not, try another location or order from

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