DIY Candy Corn Centerpieces Home Decor

With all the remodeling we’ve been going through with our home I wanted to take some time to start adding decorations to my home.  I love making my own DIY Holiday related crafts and since Halloween was right around the corner I thought it’d be perfect to make these DIY Candy Corn Centerpieces Home Decor jars.

Candycorn Centerpieces 02

DIY Candy Corn Centerpieces Home Decor

What you need:

  • Small Mason Jars
  • White Spray Paint
  • Orange Spray Paint
  • Yellow Spray Paint
  • Black roses with spiders (optional) – from Dollar Tree
  • Cheesecloth (Optional) – from Dollar Tree


  1. Remove the lids from your mason jars and place the jars open mouth down on a flat surface.  I used an old piece of wood to protect my grass from getting sprayed.
  2. Start with the white spray paint and spray the entire outside of the mason jar.
  3. Allow to dry for at least 20 minutes and grab your orange spray paint.
  4. Spray the orange spray paint in the middle of the jar up towards the top. (Tip: Don’t use any tape to create clean lines, these look better when you have a bit of overspray on the previous color).
  5. Allow to dry for at least 20 minutes and grab the yellow spray paint now.
  6. Spray the yellow on towards the top of the jar covering the orange layer.  Allow to dry for 1 hour before handling.
  7. That’s it.  If you want to add a little extra to make these a true centerpiece just add in some black roses with spiders and lay out a cheesecloth.

Candycorn centerpiece supplies

candycane centerpiece prep

candycane centerpiece white

candycane centerpiece orange   Candycorn Centerpieces 03

These candy corn jars are so easy to make and really make a great impact on a DIY Home decor piece for your home.

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